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I love the promise of the git revision control system: It's fast, it's free, it can handle huge workloads, and sites like github have made git the de facto standard. However, I absolutely hate the command line interface. I find it inconsistent, unfriendly, and generally difficult to work with. The …

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by Thomi Richards | Thu 19 February 2015 | Tags : debian ubuntu git packaging

Summary of content this far

It seems the questions Matthew Garrett and I asked at LCA this year have created a bit of activity. Several people have written blog posts that are far more eloquent than I could ever achieve, so instead of repeating their sentiment, I'll simply link you …

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by Thomi Richards | Fri 23 January 2015 | Tags : conference community debian packaging

This year Canonical were kind enough to send me to Linux Conf Australia. The last time I attended that conference was nine years ago (2006, in my home-town of Dunedin). What follows is a short trip report - I won't mention everything I saw, but rather highlight the most interesting parts …

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by Thomi Richards | Mon 19 January 2015 | Tags : conference community trip-report debian testing python packaging

Over on my old blog I posted about some visualisations I made of the Ubuntu packages installed on my machine. At the time, I mistakenly believed that I had graphed the entire package repository when I had actually only graphed the packages that my laptop had seen. There were several …

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by Thomi Richards | Wed 03 July 2013 | Tags : ubuntu debian packaging python visualisation

The Problem

So you're trying to build a Debian package from an upstream source tree, but you're not sure what build dependencies you should install?

I have this problem all the time. For example, if I wanted to build the unity source tree into a debian package, I'd branch it …

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by Thomi Richards | Tue 21 May 2013 | Tags : Ubuntu debian packaging