Talks you could give at Kiwi PyCon

(...or any other conference),

The Kiwi PyCon Call-for-Papers is open right now, and will be for the next few weeks. In my spare time I'm spoamming everyone I know to encourage them to submit a talk. A common response I get is "I'd love to speak at Kiwi PyCon, but I have nothing to talk about!".

Many people underestimate how many interesting talks they could give. People assume everyone else knows what they do, and so underestimate the interest an audience would have for their talk. In an effort to combat that effect, here's a partial list of talk topics that we'd love to see someone talk about at Kiwi PyCon. This list might well be useful to other conferences as well.

Beginner Talks

  • An introduction to participating in open source development.
  • A beginners guide to the essentials of git/mercurial/bzr.
  • An introduction to testing code in python.
  • Useful tools for testing Python code (tox,, etc.).
  • Structuring python projects.
  • A programmers perspective to basic networking.
  • Tools to write great documentation.
  • i18n and l10n in Python.
  • Python implementations other than CPython.
  • Web scraping in Python.
  • Reading command line options with argparse.
  • Python class data model basics.
  • How to build a small webapp in django/pyramid/flask/etc.
  • Unicode adoption tips and tricks.
  • Idiomatic Python and common beginner mistakes.
  • PEP8 and PEP257, why do they matter (do they?).

Intermediate Talks

  • Performance testing & optimisation.
  • How to write a Python API without exposing your internals.
  • Packaging Python desktop applications.
  • Packaging & deploying Python web applications (with ansible/saltstack/juju/etc).
  • Tips for writing functional code in python (functools, operator, itertools etc).
  • Old-school concurrency: multithreading and multiprocessing.
  • New-hotness concurrency: asyncio and friends.
  • Python for embedded hardware hacking.
  • How to get involved in Core Python development.
  • Fun things you can do with decorators.
  • Software architectures (micro-services, message-passing, etc.).
  • Computer Vision in Python with SimpleCV.
  • Statistics in Python.
  • Python as it's used in science.
  • How to safely deprecate code in your large codebase.
  • Tips for writing cross-platform Python code.
  • Tips for writing cross-implementation Python code.
  • Introduction to games programming with PyGame or Pyglet.
  • Make a GUI python app with tkinter, PyQt, PyGtk, etc.
  • Tips for debuggin Python code with pdb and friends.
  • Profiling Python code.
  • Python for mobile apps.
  • OWASP top 10 awareness.

Advanced Talks

  • Elucidate Python byte-code.
  • Fun with the 'ast' and 'parser' modules.
  • Descriptors in Python.
  • Useful applications of metaclasses.
  • New Python language features.
  • Optimising python code by writing C extension modules.
  • Embedding python in another application.

This is a very rough-and-ready list. It took me about 10 minutes to brain-dump the above. I'm sure with a little more time I could come up with many more ideas. If you find inspiration in the above list, please do submit a talk for Kiwi PyCon, we'd love to see you in New Zealand's best city ;)